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Mark J. Blackman Speaks

Dr. Mark J. Blackman, PhD, is the speaker a meeting planner
or event organizer needs to explain the mysteries of science
and technology to any audience.  A dedicated and
experienced professional, he is easy to work with and focused
on clients, their presentation and their needs.

If your program requires clear, entertaining and effective
presentation of technical material, especially to a
non-technical audience and you must be sure your event
then book Mark today!  Mark is a perfect
opening or closing speaker for your conference or convention
and the ideal presenter or course designer for your program.

Mark's keynotes and seminar presentations range in length
from 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon content and audience.
Also, Mark is a respected course program presenter and
designer and is available for extended seminars or workshops.

For further information,
click here to contact Mark.  
Book Mark to speak today!