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Mark J. Blackman Speaks

Mark J. Blackman, PhD, completed his primary, secondary and
university education in New York City .  He received his doctoral degree
from Purdue University in Chemistry. He presently owns and operates a
successful chemical consultancy in addition to his speaking programs.  
To compliment his university training, economic necessity offered him a
broad range of practical life experiences, from manual labor to extensive
and diverse exposure to the fields of analytical, chemical and medical

He participated in the development and support of new technologies, as
well as training methods and advanced applications of existing ones.  
His interests as a consulting chemist include the areas of alternative
energy, synthetic fuel and their relationship to environmental matters.  He
is recognized for his expertise, training development and presentations
relating to these subjects
,  His background in law enforcement offers a
basis for his work in chemical industry, facility, product, process and
international operations security.

Presently, he is speaking to, and working with, local Chambers of
Commerce, as well as other civic and community groups, to promote
careers in science and has taught at the college level.  He organizes,
develops and presents technical,  business oriented, entrepreneurial
and motivational training sessions and seminars.  He also speaks for
political purposes or as a surrogate speaker for candidates.

He is recognized for business development, system selection and
optimization for processes, expanding technical knowledge of products
and applications, course design or presentations and promotion of
career choices in science.  He also specializes in the export of scientific
and technical products and services.

He presently lives with his wife, Ellen, and their pet dog and cat in
Oswego, Illinois, a far western suburb of Chicago.  Although well
recognized for his instructional abilities at the college level, in order to
assist in critical retraining of economically displaced persons and
provide needed appropriately technically trained workers, he is currently
teaching and career coaching students in the local community college
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