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Mark J. Blackman Speaks

Yes, you can understand science, technology and the
challenges of their export!  
 Dr. Mark J. Blackman, PhD, is
the speaker a meeting planner or event organizer needs to
present these complex but important subjects.
 He makes
science, technology and international trade understandable!  
He is recognized for success in business and foreign trade
development; expanding technical knowledge of products and
applications; course design and presentations as well as
promotion of career choices in science.

Since he participated in the development and support of new
and existing technologies and training methods, his technical or
general presentations and seminars are clear, concise and
effective.  Main areas of concentration as a consulting chemist
have been alternative energy, synthetic fuel and their
relationship to environmental matters.  He is recognized for his
expertise, training development and presentations in these

Recently, he is speaking to, and working with, local Chambers
of Commerce, as well as other civic and community groups, to
promote careers in science and the need for businesses to
expand into exporting to grow revenues or even survive.  He
organizes, develops and presents technical,  business oriented
and entrepreneurial programs.  He trains scientists, technicians,
technologists and managers for business and industry and
presents technical programs for sales support.
Science and the Export of
Technology Made Simple!
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