We are a fully insured and certified consulting firm,
dedicated to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions
to the needs of our clients specializing in chemical
electronics, instrumentation, process control, electric
power generation and storage and laboratory technology.  
Our founder, Dr. Blackman is recognized and respected
for his achievements and practical experience in electrical
and alternative energies; synthetic fuels; environmental
consulting and laboratory instrumentation and technology

He is experienced teaching chemistry, mathematics,
physics and laboratory technology at the college level.  He
is a member of the American Chemical Society, American
Physical Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers, Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical
Engineers (Certificate 931), the Chemical Consultants

We offer extensive presentation, training and support
capabilities, both traditional and Internet (web) based,  on
a cost-effective basis; this is especially attractive to smaller
and mid-sized organizations operating under staffing
constraints.  To us, quality, cost-effectiveness and security
are our highest priorities. This ensures our commitment to
appropriate security measures that protect our clients'
processes and information.  We sincerely believe that in
the present environment, a vigorous commitment to these
principles is not an option.

Our commitment to integrity ensures our strict adherence
to all applicable laws, regulations, ethical codes and
clients' policies.  Dr. Blackman has been active in
promoting careers in science at all educational levels.
Because of his dedication to public service, we offer
special priorities and rates to national security and public
safety organizations.
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